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Practical for every practice!

Chemodis products will set the scene in the practice of every physiotherapist, sportsmasseur or beauty specialist. Ranging from massage oil to paraffin mixtures for heat treatment, Chemodis range from Hayden Oils can offer a unique variety of high-quality products, developed and manufactured by a company which has specialised in massage products since 1947.

Practitioners are pleased to work with Hayden Oils; we are a helpful and professional partner for you, firstly due to the quality of the Chemodis products, but also because of our flexible approach, expressed in the form of attractive prices, rapid delivery and reliable service, along with the support of a practising osteopath who has been working with these products for over 20 years. The Chemodis range has something for every practitioner.


Monitored pharmaceutical quality

Chemodis has always played a leading role in the development of massage oils, and the company, as no other, is fully conversant with the strict legal requirements for hygiene and manufacturing.

Chemodis products are constantly subjected to analytical inspections, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. Quality is the key! And quality starts with the selection of top grade raw materials. This, in combination with a production process supervised with the greatest possible degree of care, results in final products which are totally safe and suitable for skin treatment.


Caring for the environment too

Caring for skin and nature of course also finds expression in care for the environment.

All our containers and cans are manufactured from biodegradable and highly recyclable polyethylene, which release no harmful gases during incineration. The corrugated cardboard boxes in which our orders are delivered also bear witness to our environmental orientation. This form of packaging too is manufactured for reuse as far as possible.


A combination of positive characteristics

The position Chemodis has achieved for itself in daily practice is not only the result of its excellent products, but also of the trust it has earned. To maintain its position, Chemodis is constantly investing in new developments and facing up to the new challenges.

Quality is something which must be proven time and time again and the level of this quality is determined by daily practice.